Edward W. Smith

"America's Leading Media
Pitch Coach"

Edward W. Smith is a publicity expert specializing in coaching clients on how to pitch broadcast, print and social media to obtain coverage for themselves, their product or cause.

His experience in publicity coaching spans 26 years, and he has helped over 1,000 clients achieve their publicity goals.

“Honestly the system worked like a charm!  I got booked on Good Morning America the first time I used it.”
Ed Jennings, Self-published Non-Fiction Author

I can always spot when I am being pitched by one of your clients; the pitches are totally unique and almost always result in bookings.
Ms. Lori Gordon, Producer Fox News

We find that people using the system make great guests, as they know how to deliver just what our audience is looking for.
Mike Stanton, Producer, New York One

Worth way more than I paid in terms of getting TV bookings that boosted my reputation as an expert.
Sarah Lieberman,   Business Coach and speaker

Wow, finally a pitch system that works. I had no trouble learning it and racked up some nice bookings on TV shows I was shut out of before.
Don McGovern,  Non-fiction author

You hooked me.  Among its other attributes, your coaching doesn’t sound preachy, and made me feel I can do this.' 
Ms. Joan Lefford,  Children’s Fiction Book Author

“I have tried everything and this is the only system that you can count on to work.”
Annette Miceli, Self-published fiction writer

It is refreshing to see someone who loves what they do and allow others to participate in your own success.  I love your positive attitude and your love your out-of-the-box-thinking.  The extra savvy thoughts you shared with me gave me more insight for my own success when dealing with the media. I got on Good Morning America thanks to your coaching.
Ron H., Non Fiction Author

“You've done a great job. I appreciate the work you did to find angles new ways to get my message out. Your Quick Fame System leaves little to chance when setting up a media pitch campaign. You make doing our own PR almost easy. We actually like doing our own publicity now.”
Jerry P., Plastics Product Manufacturer

“As an accountant, I recognized the importance of publicity, but was reluctant to pay a lot for a publicist. I was fortunate to find you and learn how to get great publicity for an extremely low cost. I have been covered in the Wall Street Journal on a regular basis.”
Saul K., Accountant

It is truly amazing to see how you digest things so quickly and come out with brilliance that each of us can benefit from. I have to share with you my admiration and respect for your time and thought provoking information which helped us on our way to success. Thanks." 
Bonnie N., PR Manager

The success that we have, would not have happened without your publicity coaching, thanks so much. We are covered in national wine publications every month now.”
Carol T., Wine Importer

We got coverage in national media and took our business to a new high.  Getting your coaching advice was like winning the lottery, thanks so much for being you.
Albert L.,
Food Manufacturer

“I just started my new charity, and like many others starting out I absolutely had to get our name out there. I was blown away by the speed with which I was able to secure publicity at all levels of media because of what you taught me.  Donations are increasing on a regular basis and out contacts keeps expanding.”
Charlene D., Non Profit Charity

“We had worked with various PR agencies over the years, but after spending lots of time and money we were still a virtual unknown in the building products industry.  We decided to do our own PR in-house and found your coaching to be just what we needed.  Our name recognition ranks among the top now and sales are rising every year.”
Barry S., Building Products Manufacturer

“I hesitate to write a testimonial for Ed Smith, as I want to keep him as my own Secret Weapon in helping create publicity and making our business really take off. Between the ideas you generate for us and the ones developed by our team, we took the whole operation to a new level. Who knew doing your own publicity could generate results like this?”
Loretta T., Retailer

“Frankly I was afraid to do my own publicity, I didn’t know what to do. But you are just the ticket for companies in my position.  Now I am saving money and getting media coverage on a regular basis. I do interviews on the radio and local TV stations every month and the local paper has asked me to write a travel column.”
Jim  M., Travel Agency Owner

“Over 1,000 People Have Used My Unique Pitch System To Achieve Their Publicity Goals...
And I’ll Work Personally With You Too, One-On-One To Help You Get On TV!”

Dear Publicity Seeker, 

I have some questions for you... 

Do your press releases fail to generate interest in your business or idea... and you don’t know what else to do? 

Are you confused by the steps needed to get massive media coverage? 

Do you distrust those involved in the “PR system” and want to be sure your investment of time and money pays off? 

Are you spending gobs of cash trying to do your own PR?

Is doing your own publicity taking too much time? 

Is your product unique and hard to develop a pitch for?  

Do you think getting effective publicity advice is out of your financial reach?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, I have good news for you…

... there's light at the end of the tunnel

You can get great media coverage and save money by doing your own publicity... you just need to use the right system. 

Here's why I say that...

Prior to becoming a TV producer, interview host and media pitch coach, I was a self-published author trying to promote my book. 

Boy what a disaster. 

I had written a book and wanted to do my own publicity.

I heard that press releases were the best way to get cheap, effective publicity, but I didn’t know how to write one.

So I hired a writer who charged me $300.  

Then I paid another $600 to get it distributed... $900 total.  And the result?  Zip.  Nada.  I learned firsthand... they aren’t kidding when they say that 99.9% of press releases are ignored.

But I continued to believe in my books potential, so next I hired a public relations (PR) firm to promote it.  

I signed a contract for $10,000 figuring this would get me national media coverage, and I would be on my way at last.  

Well, I was wrong again 

Once I signed the contract, I found that I could only deal with low-level people who knew nothing about my book or who I wanted to reach.  They ignored what I told them and crammed my product information into a “cookie cutter” approach that failed miserably.   

The only contact I got came from a reporter who called me directly, because she got tired of trying to deal with my PR agency.  

(Sound like what you're going through with your product?  Not surprising... it’s par for the course.) 

At that point I was almost out of money… and options.   

Around this same time I became a TV talk show producer and host, booking guests for my own show.  

Talk about an eye opener…

... here I was, trying to book guests... but I was finding it difficult because of the way people pitched me.  Most of my time was spent sorting through mountains of poorly written press releases that weren’t even remotely related to what I was looking for.   

They were trying to force themselves into a show they didn’t fit.  Worse yet, they made everything about themselves.  

You see, producers and reporters don’t care about you... they care about their audience and readers.  You have to talk to them in terms of what you can do for their audience and not sound like a commercial. This holds true in every situation.  

So I began to talk to other TV producers and hosts to see if what I was experiencing was a fluke.  

And they all told me the same thing... people should abandon press releases and PR agencies and...

... pitch them directly

... position themselves as experts who can help their audience

... and stop trying to just talk about their products.    

It comes down to two things... 

1.  Pitch the media directly, and

2.  Make the pitch speak their language.

That's it. 

And here's the thing...

Pitching the media directly is not that hard... it’s making the pitch speak the media's language that trips up most people.

But I had figured it out.

So I developed a complete system for people who wanted to get media exposure... such as TV interviews, mentions in newspapers and magazines, and even bloggers.

First I used my new system on my own book...

... and it went on to become an international best seller published in 55 countries. 

Next I shared my system with other producers and hosts... and they almost begged me to get it out there so they would have an easier time finding people to interview. 

(It may not seem like it, but producers and hosts are almost dying to get good pitches so they can book good guests!)

And then I coached publicity seekers on how to use my new system.  I wanted to make sure it worked for different types of products and situations.   

And I was thrilled… everyone I coached came back to me with success stories.  Even people who thought their product was a “hopeless case” for getting publicity, ended up in national media. 

Fast forward to today.

Hi, I'm Edward Smith...

... author turned TV producer, host and media pitch coach.   

I've been involved in writing, publishing, book marketing, and hosting a TV interview talk show for 26 years.  I have self-published an international bestseller, produced and hosted my own international TV show, and now coach people how to get on TV shows and into other media. 

Coaching publicity seekers is more enjoyable than anything else I do.  I get a lot of satisfaction helping folks just like you use my “can’t miss” pitching system. 

And let me say this...

After coaching over 1,000 clients with all kinds of products, a few things stand out: 

  • Business people, no matter what their background, can do a much better job of pitching their product themselves than anyone else… including the biggest, most “wired-in” PR agencies.
  • You don't need press releases to get massive publicity.
  • There is no connection between the money spent on publicity and the results.
  • Small business owners have as good a chance at getting on the big TV shows as large companies.
  • There are no “hopeless cases” when it comes to getting publicity.
  • Media pitch coaching is absolutely required if people have a unique product to promote.

With that in mind, allow me to tell you about my media pitch training…

“Quick Fame System” 

Now is your chance to easily and quickly get on TV and into other media outlets to promote your product or idea.   


  • How to create and deliver a “killer pitch” producers and journalists just can’t turn down. (My pitch formula is based on the new rules of media pitching and is proven to get results.) 
  • How to become one of the few who are booked on the big name TV shows and covered in national media. 
  • The three things every producer needs to hear before booking you

  • How to “sell” your product during the interview without looking like it.  

  • How to brand yourself as an expert in your field and have producers and journalists “knocking down your door” for advice. 
  • How to find out what new topics producers and journalists are looking for.
  • How to find up-to-the-minute information on who to pitch for each show or publication. 
  • How to get invited back to shows you have already done and have producers and journalists pass your name along to other shows and publications.
  • Free online tools that help you determine the target audience for your topic and translate it into media pitches. 
  • How to stand out from other potential guests in your industry, especially those already in the limelight.  
  • How to use free, easy-to-use, cutting-edge research tools to find shows almost guaranteed to book you. 

Here’s what you get with my Quick Fame System... 

Three one-on-one phone sessions with me, America’s Leading Media Pitch Coach.  I’ll help you maximize every powerful feature of my system and tailor each to your special circumstance

The tools to book yourself on major TV shows and other media with amazing ease. Everything is explained in an easy to follow, easy to implement manner that rapidly brings you up to “pitching speed”

Homework assignments after every coaching session.  I’ll supply you with laser-like feedback to keep you on course

Frequently updated information that reflects cutting-edge trends in the fast changing media world

Imagine pitching with confidence, knowing beforehand that you have a great chance of getting booked.

Imagine appearing on the top TV shows and seeing your product or idea featured in magazines and newspapers, generating huge sales, speaking gigs and additional interviews.

Imagine finally getting the sales and recognition you deserve.

“Okay Ed, so how much does all this cost?

If you hired a PR agency to make your pitches for you, it could easily cost you $5,000, $10,000 or more.  And the results would be "iffy" at best.  Many PR firms use interns who, frankly, don't know their heads from a hole in the ground.  They read stock scripts to do the actual pitching.


What you want is to get on TV, radio and other media to share your product or idea with the world. Once that happens everything you want begins to fall into place.

So let me ask you a question.

If you handed me $5,000, and I promised that you'd get the publicity you want, would it be worth it?

How about $2,500?



Obviously I can't make that promise, but here's what I can do.  I guarantee you will be one of the few who are using the right system... to deliver a killer pitch to the right person... on the right show or publication.   In other words, I guarantee your success... or you get 100% of your money back.

And the price?

I won’t charge you anywhere near the amounts mentioned above.

In fact, your investment for the entire “Quick Fame System” is only $399. 

Think about it for a second.

You get three, one-on-one forty-five minute phone consultation sessions with me. These are in-depth coaching sessions where we develop your “killer pitch”, practice pitching producers and journalists, and position you to get extensive coverage in the media.

I take these meetings seriously because they are proven to be the absolute best way to deliver top-notch support for you.

However, please understand.  I can only commit to a limited number of students in order to reserve enough time for this level of personalized attention. I put a lot of time and consideration into each meeting; therefore, I make sure that I don't accept too many students.

These sessions are very popular and fill up quickly. They are first-come, first-served spots - so make sure you do not lose your chance by delaying.

So now the ball's in your court...


Will you continue to get nowhere doing what you're doing now?


Or will you take action and let my pitching system work for you... just like it has worked for so many other publicity seekers?



You Get This With My Quick Fame System...

Three one-on-one phone sessions with me, America’s
    Leading Media Pitch Coach

A proven step-by-step system to help you get booked
on major TV shows and other media

Homework assignments after each coaching session

Frequently updated cutting-edge trend information    

100% No-Hassle Guarantee

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If during the next 365 days
(one year), you're unhappy for any reason, just let me know.
You will receive a full, no-questions-asked refund.


If you have any questions, feel free to call me at (518) 532-9327.  I usually answer, but if I don’t, just leave a message and I'll call you back.

I look forward to working with you personally and helping you make your TV interviews dream come true!



Edward Smith

P.S.  It's the industry's best kept secret... producers and hosts are desperate to get good pitches so they can book good guests.  By using my “Quick Fame System” you can have them "knocking down your door" to get yourself booked on big name TV shows.



Edward Smith
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